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Aruba is one of the three ABC islands located outside the hurricane belt in the warm waters of the southern Caribbean. An independent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands and has a population of approximately 100,000 inhabitants, an exceptionally diverse population, with more than 90 nationalities present. Arubans share a rich history and a warm culture of hospitality.

The island is 19.6 miles / 30 km long, 6 miles / 9 km at its widest point and has an area of about 70 square miles / 184 km². Aruba is blessed with clear skies, bright sunshine with an average of 82 degrees /  28˚C (more sunny days than any other island!) and cooling trade winds practically every day of the year... ...this is where happiness lives!


Fringing turquoise Caribbean waters, Aruba’s beaches include wide shaded expanses, quiet retreats, and busy sunbathing and water sports meccas. Much of the seven-mile strip along the west coast is packed with activity whereas on the south and north coast quiet, remote beaches and coves can be found. All beaches are public and can comfortably be enjoyed with our complimentary beach chairs & cooler. Explore the captivating underwaterworld with snorkeling gear available for rent at the Reception.


There are enough sightseeing locations on the island to fill up even a three-week vacation! There are plenty of opportunities to get to know Aruba's most attractive sights such as the Bushiribana Goldmine Ruins, California Lighthouse, Alto Vista Chapel, Natural Bridge, Ayo & Casibari Rock formations.  Historical and natural attractions such as the Aruba Aloe Aloe Factory and museums such as The Archeological Museum, Fort Zoutman and Aruba Industrial Museum.



Gentle trade winds make Paradera Park's  intimate oasis blissful to stay in and read a book from our library, surf the web on high speed Wifi or just wander around the stunning tropical gardens, teeming with birds, butterflies, swaying palms and exotic flowers. Paradera Park is locally referred to as ‘The Tropical Oasis’, set in 2000m2 of tropical gardens, ideal for yoga & meditation. Book an in-room massage or reserve more extensive treatments at one of the many Spa’s Aruba offers.                       


Are you planning to do something different than lying down on the beach all day? Aruba has plenty of different options to choose from and you can make it as low-key or high-energy as you want. Aruba offers a wide selection of tours and activities on the water and on land and all can be booked at the Reception.

If you are a water lover, sign up for scuba diving lessons, hop on board a catamaran for snorkeling fun, get on the Submarine for an view of Aruba's underwater world or take an deep sea fishing tour. Also for water sports lovers Aruba is a great wind & kite-surfing destination and kayaking combines the fun of working out with exploring the island. On land, Aruba offers 2 golf courses.

With many different sights and natural attractions there is a lot to see on the island. Let professional tour guides show you around the island in an air conditioned bus, jeep or on horseback. Or rent your own jeep, mountain bike or ATV to drive around the island to discover all the beauty Aruba has to offer.


As the evening draws in, grill some fresh local fish on the BBQ and dine in or, head out to one of the multitude of local or international restaurants that our expert staff will gladly advise. Barefoot dining on the beach or a local hangout? Aruba has it all! (Comfy by the pool? Many restaurants also offer delivery options so we've got you covered!)


For shopping in Aruba, take the trip to downtown Oranjestad. As the capital of Aruba, shopping in Oranjestad is top notch. Take part in the Aruba Walking Tour to discover more of the history of monumental buildings or grab a coffee or chilled local beer with a view of the fishing boats & pelicans in the marina. 

For the stunning artistic murals, take a trip to San Nicolas and make sure to stop by the Museum of Industry.

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